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Guilde des musiciens et des musiciennes du Québec
Montréal / 514.842.2866

Join the GMMQ

Eligibility criterias

Student Member

  • Be enrolled in a study program at a reputed post-secondary educational institution.

  • Fill the form Proof of enrollment (Academic attendance) and send it to us by email to membres@gmmq.com or by mail to our Montreal Office : 5445, av. De Gaspé, bureau 1005, Montréal (Québec) H2T 3B2

Regular Member

  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or hold a work permit and a valid Social Insurance Number.

  • Be a professional musician within the meaning of the Act respecting the professional status and conditions of engagement of performing, recording, and film artists – i.e. offering their services as a musician for a fee.

Permit-Holding Member

A musician can become a permit-holding member of the GMMQ, i.e. get a temporary work permit to practice.

  • A permit-holding member can become a regular member at any time.

  • At that point, accumulated permits are credited toward membership dues.

  • Only permits accumulated in the last 2 years can be credited.

Band Member

You also have the possibility to register as a band, and thus benefit from a discount on the regular membership price. For this, the band must have a Facebook page, with the names of all the musicians in the band in the about tab.

A group is composed of a minimum of 2 people.

Registration fees for Bands 


Membership & annual dues


  • Initiation fee: $195/person | $65 is returned to the AFM as initiation fees to the Federation (IFF)
  • Annual dues: $225/person | If joining after June 30: $112.50/person


  • Initiation fee: Free
  • Annual dues: $225/person | If joining after June 30: $112.50/person


  • Initiation fee: $50/person
  • Annual dues: $225/person | If joining after June 30: $112.50/person


  • The permit fee is calculated according to the GMMQ's minimum standards or the applicable agreement.

All fees are tax deductible.


Fees and penalties policy 

Fees and penalties policy applicable to the payment of annual dues


Authorized payment method




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