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Guilde des musiciens et des musiciennes du Québec
Montréal / 514.842.2866

Jean-Carignan Fund

Appying for Help

Who's eligible?

A professional musician who maintained a significant musical activity and who is struggling with exceptional precarious financial situation due to health, family or professional problems. This person is a member or a former member of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec.

How to apply?

You can :

  1. Download (PDF format) the application form (french only).
  2. Receive the application form by post upon request to the GMMQ, by email at fondsjeancarignan@gmmq.com or by phone 514 842-2866, ext. 236.

Supporting documents :

  1. Letter explaining the current precarious situation (required).
  2. Latest income tax return filed (required).
  3. Any other relevant document supporting your application (copies of contracts, invoices, etc.).

You have to fill the application form and send it, with supporting documents, by email to :


 The application process is fast and efficient. You will get a quick response from the fund, and the funds will be disbursed as soon as possible. 

Note: The confidentiality of the information provided is ensured by the committee of the Fonds Jean-Carignan. The information given will enable the committee to decide on the eligibility of the application for a loan or a gift. Jean-Carignan Fund treats all applications for assistance with the greatest discretion.

The Fund

Make a donation



Jean-Carignan Fund donor list 2011-2020   


The Jean-Carignan Fund

The Jean-Carignan Fund is a non-profit organization (non-profit organization) created by the GMMQ in 2011.

It collects donations from its members during the renewal of the annual subscription, to the public during the Coup de Chapeau, during events such as the IMPRO CHALLENGE (2018 and 2019) or by individual donations on the GMMQ website. or the Artists Foundation.

Called JEAN-CARIGNAN, named after the famous Quebec violinist who died in 1988. A musician whose talent was expressed in both folk and classical music, he became increasingly deaf due to his work at the factory. Forced to earn a living by working at the factory on machines and hammers, he was forced to give up the music.

See the call for donations from the administrator of the Fund Jean-Carignan, Jean-Luc Gagnon.

The mission

The Jean-Carignan Fund provides one-time financial assistance to professional musicians in need. It intervenes as a last resort, in a context of urgency and crisis.


Provide emergency financial assistance to professional musicians.
The amounts paid are used to meet various needs such as housing, food, paying the school effects of children for example in the case of single-parent families, pay medical expenses or palliative care, etc


The Jean-Carignan Fund is an affiliate of the Artists Foundation. The accumulated sums are hosted and administered by the Artists Foundation, which has the power to issue receipts for tax purposes.

The amounts accumulated by the Jean-Carignan Fund are accounted for independently in a separate silo (fund accounting principle) and are available strictly for musicians.

The Artists Foundation hosts 5 Affiliate Funds totaling nearly 20,000 members.
A committee of the GMMQ is appointed to proceed with the study of applications.
Specific criteria such as a letter explaining the problems encountered, the production of the tax report and sources of income are required.
The Artists Foundation issues checks and tax receipts.
The Jean-Carignan Fund has a seat on the Board of Directors of the Artists Foundation.

The Board of Fonds Jean-Carignan is composed of :

  • Luc Fortin, President (GMMQ, President and Guitarist)
  • Eric Lefebvre, Secretary-Treasurer (GMMQ Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Nicolas Cousineau, administrator (GMMQ administrator and Cellist)
  • Jean-Luc Gagnon, administrator (OSM Trumpeter)

Since the fund's creation, 50 musicians have benefited from the fund.
Nearly $35,000 has been distributed.

How to Make a Donation to the Jean-Carignan Fund?

  1. Online by clicking here
  2. By the annual membership renewal notice for the GMMQ members.
  3. By the IN MEMORIAM donation form (in French), or online.
    Adress: Fonds Jean-Carignan - GMMQ, 5445, av. De Gaspé, bureau 1005, Montréal (Québec)  H2T 3B2

The GMMQ is affiliated with the Fondation des Artistes (FDA) which provides financial emergency assistance to meet the needs of crisis-affected artists. The FDA currently includes the Funds below :

  1. the Jean-Duceppe Fund for actors and singers (UDA)
  2. the Jean-Carignan Fund for musicians (GMMQ)
  3. the Serge-Lemoyne Fund for visual artists (RAAV)
  4. the Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma Fund for radio, television and cinema authors (SARTEC)
  5. the Fonds Prévost-Bussières for professionnals in perforing arts (APASQ)
  6. the Fonds de secours pour les réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec for directors (ARRQ)
  7. the AQAA Fund, for professionnals actors represented by members of the AQAA.
  8. the Mouvement pour la danse Fund, for dance artists.

To help support professionnal musicians in need, you must choose to donate to the Jean-Carignan Funds. A Tax Receipt will be produced by the FDA. 

Thank you for your support.

For any information or for a donation, please contact us :

Contact Fonds Jean-Carignan
514 842-2866, ext. 236

The Jean-Carignan Fund is now on Facebook.
Follow us!

Want to help us raise money for the Jean Carignan Fund?
Contact us at communications@gmmq.com. 

Thanks to the hosts of the "Coups de chapeau"

Since 2014 : l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, l’Orchestre Métropolitain, l’Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil, L’Opéra de Montréal, l’Opéra de Québec, l’Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, Orford Musique, Le Domaine Forget, Les Violons du Roy and I Musici.

Our major donors

2011. 16 000$ - AMOSM*
2017. 15 000$ - Claude Robinson
2019. 25 000$ - AMOSM* (spread over 5 years)
2020. 22 500$ - Fondation Azrieli
2020. 22 613$ - Caisses de Groupes Desjardins
2020. 5 000$ - Fondation Quebecor

*(AMOSM, Association des Musiciens de l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal)


Indeed, we would like to mark the year 2020 as the tenth since the creation of the Fund. But what a year 2020 was! A year that few of us could ever imagine and that no one will forget. We had to cancel one of our main sources of funding, our 'Coups de Chapeau' in concert halls and our annual fundraising activity with the Artists' Foundation.

But in these dark and uncertain days, you were there to help change lives and bring relief and hope to many of our fellow musicians. Your generous donations have allowed the Jean Carignan Fund to expand its support services in ways we have not experienced since our founding in 2011.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Jean Carignan Fund has helped 37 musicians by distributing nearly $20,000 in addition to an additional $44,450 generously donated by the Artists' Foundation.

We now reach a total of 50 musicians helped since our foundation in 2011.

We would like to thank you for your kindness and would like to share with you some of the many testimonials we have received from musicians that we have been able to help thanks to your donations. Your support has helped these musicians get through this difficult time by helping them pay bills such as groceries, rent, health care, etc., throughout this crisis that has lasted for over a year.

We appreciate this generosity and involvement to keep the music alive. We could not have done this without you.


"I would like to thank the Jean Carignan Fund from the bottom of my heart. It is thanks to their help that I was able to get through this difficult ordeal without going into debt, and I will be eternally grateful. " [translated]

"I would like to sincerely thank the Jean Carignan Fund for the donation which allows me to alleviate some of the financial worries that are not obvious when you are ill, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. " [translated]

"Living in a period of financial insecurity due to the cancellation of the concerts, my family and I really needed support to take the stress out of the situation. The Jean Carignan Fund was very understanding, prompt and generous in administering my request. Thank you so much for supporting the artists! " [translated]

"The Jean Carignan Fund came to my aid at a time of financial difficulty and helped me get back on my feet. Thank you so much! " [translated]

"I received very quick and responsive responses to my questions and then to my application, and I was referred to new and additional resources. They even transferred my file directly to another program. A much appreciated little boost that gives a little peace of mind and confidence in the future." [translated]

"Thank you to the Jean Carignan Fund for your help during this difficult time. The people involved showed a natural and respectful compassion. I felt understood and above all, supported. Thank you! " [translated]


With the support of our generous donors, the Jean Carignan Fund continues to have a positive impact on the future of our musicians by providing them with assistance during difficult times.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following donors who have contributed, since 2011, for donations of $100 or more.




We would like to emphasize that all the activities of the Fonds Jean-Carignan are done on a voluntary basis by the entire team. No fees are charged to the Fund by the GMMQ. Only 2.24% of our revenues are used for management fees for our investments which are managed by the Fondation des Artistes du Québec in a separate silo.


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