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-Covid-19: Netflix Relief Fund

We would like to point out that a donation is not considered employment income and that this donation will not affect the applicant's eligibility for Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

Netflix has established a USD $100 million fund to assist the cultural community. The Fondation des artistes du Québec will receive CAD $500,000 from this fund. This is great news for the FDA and its affiliated funds, including the Fonds Jean-Carignan for musicians.

The main eligibility criteria for the Netflix Relief Fund are as follows:
• You are a self-employed professional artist
• You are an artist who has incurred a loss or whose contracts have been postponed due to COVID-19
• You are an artist facing REAL FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES and are unable to meet your basic needs (ex. rent, groceries, healthcare expenses)

Individuals who are entitled to regular EI benefits (unemployment insurance) will not be eligible for the Netflix Relief Fund.

Our governments are implementing emergency measures to support the self-employed. We would also like to point out that a donation is not considered employment income and that this donation will not affect the applicant's eligibility for Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Please be aware that, due to the large volume of requests, the donations allocated will not exceed $ 1,000 per household in order to offer assistance to as many artists as possible.


Appying for Help

Who's eligible?

A professional musician who maintained a significant musical activity and who is struggling with exceptional precarious financial situation due to health, family or professional problems. This person is a member or a former member of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec.

How to apply?

You can :

  1. Download (PDF format) the application form (french only).
  2. Receive the application form by post upon request to the GMMQ, by email at or by phone 514 842-2866, ext. 236.

Supporting documents :

  1. Letter explaining the current precarious situation (required).
  2. Latest income tax return filed (required).
  3. Any other relevant document supporting your application (copies of contracts, invoices, etc.).

You have to fill the application form and send it, with supporting documents, by post or email to :

GMMQ Communications department
Fonds Jean-Carignan
505, René-Lévesque W Blvd, suite 900
Montreal QC H2Z 1Y7

Note: The confidentiality of the information provided is ensured by the committee of the Fonds Jean-Carignan. The information given will enable the committee to decide on the eligibility of the application for a loan or a gift. Jean-Carignan Fund treats all applications for assistance with the greatest discretion.

The mission



Anonymous Testimonials


The Jean-Carignan Fund is a non-profit organization (non-profit organization) created by the GMMQ in 2011.

It collects donations from its members during the renewal of the annual subscription, to the public during the Coup de Chapeau, during events such as the IMPRO CHALLENGE (2018 and 2019) or by individual donations on the GMMQ website. or the Artists Foundation.

Called JEAN-CARIGNAN, named after the famous Quebec violinist who died in 1988. A musician whose talent was expressed in both folk and classical music, he became increasingly deaf due to his work at the factory. Forced to earn a living by working at the factory on machines and hammers, he was forced to give up the music.

See the call for donations from the administrator of the Fund Jean-Carignan, Jean-Luc Gagnon.

Call for donation

The mission

The Jean-Carignan Fund provides one-time financial assistance to professional musicians in need. It intervenes as a last resort, in a context of urgency and crisis.


Provide emergency financial assistance to professional musicians.
The amounts paid are used to meet various needs such as housing, food, paying the school effects of children for example in the case of single-parent families, pay medical expenses or palliative care, etc


The Jean-Carignan Fund is an affiliate of the Artists Foundation. The accumulated sums are hosted and administered by the Artists Foundation, which has the power to issue receipts for tax purposes.

The amounts accumulated by the Jean-Carignan Fund are accounted for independently in a separate silo (fund accounting principle) and are available strictly for musicians.

The Artists Foundation hosts 5 Affiliate Funds totaling nearly 20,000 members.
A committee of the GMMQ is appointed to proceed with the study of applications.
Specific criteria such as a letter explaining the problems encountered, the production of the tax report and sources of income are required.
The Artists Foundation issues checks and tax receipts.
The Jean-Carignan Fund has a seat on the Board of Directors of the Artists Foundation.

The Board of Fonds Jean-Carignan is composed of :

  • Luc Fortin, President (GMMQ, President and Guitarist)
  • Eric Lefebvre, Secretary-Treasurer (GMMQ Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Nicolas Cousineau, administrator (GMMQ administrator and Cellist)
  • Jean-Luc Gagnon, administrator (OSM Trumpeter)

See here the call for donations from Jean-Luc Gagnon

The current balance of the Jean-Carignan Fund is $ 126,000.
Since 2014 we have distributed +/- net investment income.
To date, 13 musicians have benefited from the Fund's support.
$ 15,000 was distributed (Donations between $ 500 and $ 2,000).

How to Make a Donation to the Jean-Carignan Fund?

  1. Online by clicking here
  2. By the annual membership renewal notice for the GMMQ members.
  3. By the IN MEMORIAM donation form (in French), or online.

The GMMQ is affiliated with the Fondation des Artistes (FDA) which provides financial emergency assistance to meet the needs of crisis-affected artists. The FDA currently includes the Funds below :

  1. the Jean-Duceppe Fund for actors and singers (UDA)
  2. the Jean-Carignan Fund for musicians (GMMQ)
  3. the Serge-Lemoyne Fund for visual artists (RAAV)
  4. the Société des auteurs de radio, télévision et cinéma Fund for radio, television and cinema authors (SARTEC)
  5. the Fonds Prévost-Bussières for professionnals in perforing arts (APASQ)
  6. the Fonds de secours pour les réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec for directors (ARRQ)
  7. the AQAA Fund, for professionnals actors represented by members of the AQAA.
  8. the Mouvement pour la danse Fund, for dance artists.

To help support professionnal musicians in need, you must choose to donate to the Jean-Carignan Funds. A Tax Receipt will be produced by the FDA. 

Thank you for your support.

For any information or for a donation, please contact us :

Contact Fonds Jean-Carignan
514 842-2866, ext. 236

The Jean-Carignan Fund is now on Facebook.
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Anonymous testimonials 

"Vivant une période d'insécurité financière à cause de l'annulation des concerts, ma famille et moi avions vraiment besoin de soutien pour enlever le stress engendré par la situation. Le Fonds Jean-Carignan a été très compréhensif, prompt et généreux dans l'administration de ma requête. Merci infiniment de soutenir les artistes !

"Le don reçu du Fonds Jean-Carignan m'a permis de garder la tête hors de l'eau et de subvenir aux besoins de ma famille, sans m'enliser dans des dettes insurmontables. Cela me permet aussi de m'assoir au piano et de me plonger dans l'inspiration avec un peu moins de stress. Merci du fond du cœur à toute l'équipe du Fonds Jean-Carignan d'exister ! Vous êtes fabuleux."

  "​​Vivant une période d'insécurité financière à cause de l'annulation des concerts, ma famille et moi avions vraiment besoin de soutien, pour enlever le stress engendré par la situation. Le Fonds Jean-Carignan a été très compréhensif, prompt et généreux dans l'administration de ma requête. Merci infiniment de soutenir les artistes !"

“Je suis propriétaire d’un studio qui a cessé de fonctionner pour quelques mois. Les spectacles représentent aussi une bonne partie de mes revenus. Ma situation était devenue précaire. La GMMQ m’a orienté vers le Fond Jean-Carignan et la Fondation des Artistes. J’ai eu une réponse rapide. Ces Fonds m’ont généreusement aidé. Je remercie du fond du cœur les personnes qui ont pris le temps de lire mes demandes et en ont fait le suivi. Elles ont été d’un grand secours. Je recommande à tous mes collègues artistes et musiciens de prendre le temps de leur écrire et de ne pas hésiter à aller chercher de l’aide.” 

Merci aux hôtes des coups de chapeau

Depuis 2014 : l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, l’Orchestre Métropolitain, l’Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil, L’Opéra de Montréal, l’Opéra de Québec, l’Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, Orford Musique, Le Domaine Forget, Les Violons du Roy et I Musici.

Les dons amassés (30 juin 2019)

Coups de Chapeau : 56 239$
Montants reçus lors du renouvellement de la cotisation annuelle des membres : 41 267$ (cumulés depuis 2011).
Deux événements bénéfices en collaboration avec la Fondation des Artistes et les autres Affiliés :
Le Défi Impro 2018 et le Défi Impro 2019 : 9 541$ (montants cumulés).

Trois dons importants

En 2011. Don de 16 000$ de la part de l’AMOSM
En 2017. Don de 15 000$ de la part de l’auteur Claude Robinson
En 2019. Don de 25 000$ de la part de l’AMOSM (échelonné sur 5 ans)
(AMOSM, Association des Musiciens de l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal)
En 2020. Don de 22 500$ de la Fondation Azrieli

Les objectifs du fonds

2022.275 000 (14K par année à être distribué à nos musiciens dans le besoin)
2025.400 000 (20K par année à être distribué)
2030.700 000 (35K par année à être distribué)

L’objectif, à long terme, est d’atteindre un million de dollars dans le Fonds pour ainsi avoir la possibilité d’aider le plus grand nombre possible de musiciens dans le besoin.

Dons d’entreprises

Association des musiciens de l’OSM : 25 000 $ (échelonné sur 5 ans de 2019 à 2023)  
Association des musiciens de l’OSM : 16 000 $ (2011)   
Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec : 5 000 $      
Corporation du Musée McCord : 2 500 $              
Wilder & Davis Luthiers/Étude : 2 500 $     

Vous souhaitez nous aider à récolter des fonds pour le Fonds Jean-Carignan ?
Contactez-nous à              



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