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Guilde des musiciens et des musiciennes du Québec
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Being a member of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ) confirms your status as a professional musician. By becoming a member, you join some 3,000 musicians from Quebec and over 250,000 professionals worldwide.

Promoting employment

Registration to the GMMQ Directory

The directory online contains a list of all GMMQ members in good standing and allows producers to search for a musician, by name or by instrument. Anytime, GMMQ members can edit their personal information that will appear in the directory by going to « My Profile » tab in the member access of our website. Members can also add a picture, biography and music tracks to their profile.

Work visa for the United States

In collaboration with the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), the GMMQ facilitates P2 work visa requests (the visa required to perform in the USA). For more information, go to the « Visas and permits » tab.

Notices of audition and job offers

The GMMQ regularly send to its members the orchestra notices of audition in Quebec, by mail or e-mail. Anytime, GMMQ members can edit their sending preferences tab in the member access. These notices, as well as job offers, are also available on the « Audition opportunities » tab in the member access of our website.

Music Performance Trust Fund ‐ MPTF

Founded in 1948, the MPTF was created in response to an agreement between the US sound recording industry and the AFM. Aimed at the public presentation of free concerts and shows, the MPTF allows many musicians to perform under the working conditions recommended by the GMMQ. This fund subsidizes between 30% and 50% of the musician fees. Apply

Improving working conditions

Negotiation and implementation of collective agreements

Under the certificates of acknowledgement and accreditation obtained from administrative tribunals, the GMMQ is empowered to represent the musicians it serves when negotiating collective agreements with producers, and to ensure that signed agreements are respected. The GMMQ also provides support in cases of conflict and advises affected members on negotiation, leverage, and action strategies. The GMMQ and the AFM have negotiated many collective agreements with Société Radio‐Canada, Télé‐Québec, TVA, ADISQ, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre Métropolitain and most symphony orchestras or chamber music ensembles operating in Quebec. Applicable collective agreements are available on « Collective agreements », « Documents » tab, on our website.

Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada

Musicians who give a musical performance under a contract duly recorded with the GMMQ can be eligible for retirement benefits. Producers pay for each musician a contribution that varies from 7% to 12% of the fees stipulated in collective agreements or the applicable fee scale. This contribution is paid directly to the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada which currently manages assets in excess of more than $575 million. Visit www.mpfcanada.ca.

Establishment of minimum working conditions

The GMMQ publishes a fee scale for the stage performances and background music of professional musicians in Quebec. This scale is set accordingly to position, music genre, and type of engagement. This scale serves as reference for any contract signed by a member, wherever there is no collective agreement applicable with the producer. Minimum working conditions are available in the member access of our website.

Legal protection in case of dispute

The GMMQ provides its members with various standard contracts that must be completed by the producer and orchestra conductor, then registered at the GMMQ's office before each engagement. Should a dispute (non‐payment, undue delay, non‐compliance with a clause by either party, etc.) regarding the application of a duly registered contract arise, the GMMQ is committed to do everything in its power to ensure that the issue is solved in accordance with the terms stipulated in the contract. Where appropriate, the GMMQ assumes the legal representation of the musician or musicians involved, to the extent where they have fulfilled their contractual obligations. Furthermore, our legal department supports members whose rights have been infringed in relation to a GMMQ's employment contract or GMMQ's collective agreement as professional musicians, and advises them on work relations issues with producers.

GMMQ Contract Follow‐up

GMMQ members can access the list of all their contracts recorded by the GMMQ since March 1st, 2012, by going to « My contracts » tab in the member access of our website. A table containing the list of contracts reflects in a transparent manner the following information: producer, date of employment, date of deposit, minimum fee, negotiated fee (if mentioned in the contract), pension, work dues, vacation pay.

Sound Recording Special payments fund

In addition to the payment of fees for a phonogram recording session, the AFM's Sound Recording Labor Agreement provides for the payment of royalties to any musician who participated in an engagement under this agreement. These royalties are paid annually by check in U.S. dollars, and the amount varies depending on the number of recording sessions the musician has attended.

Training courses

The Quebec Musicians' Guild (GMMQ) and the Conseil québécois de la musique (CQM) offer mutualized training programs designed for the professional music community!

These training sessions are intended for professional musicians and managers in the cultural milieu, with a view to career development. They are given by experienced trainers on various themes, from September to June. The courses are offered at very affordable rates.

To consult the continuing education offer, click here.

Representing musicians

To fulfill its mission, the GMMQ takes an active part in debates on culture industry‐related issues. It is often called upon to take a position with its partners from the arts community in all matters affecting musicians.


The GMMQ is entered in the Register of Lobbyists. The association lobbies with government agencies and ministers to represent the interests of its musicians. It actively fights for better working conditions and tax policies for musicians, and to improve their social safety net.


The GMMQ is a democratic body that gives its members the right to influence their association and its representatives. General assemblies and board meetings are held regularly so that members can determine the orientation and evolution of the GMMQ. It facilitates the involvement of its members in various committees, especially when negotiating a collective bargaining agreement. Members are also asked to vote on the signing of such agreements.

American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Affiliation

Founded in 1896, the AFM has now 250 locals and is the largest organization of musicians worldwide. Its mission is to improve the conditions of employment of professional musicians and make sure they can make a living with their art. The Canadian office of the AFM is responsible for the negotiation of agreements applicable in Canada. It also provides assistance to locals when necessary. The GMMQ (or AFM local 406) is also a Canadian local and its members are members of the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM). Visit www.afm.org.

International Federation of Musicians (FIM) Affiliation

GMMQ members become automatically members of the FIM. This organization, which is headquartered in Paris, represents professional musicians worldwide and is very active in the fight against pirating and unauthorized use of pre‐recorded tape in stage productions. Visit www.fim‐musicians.org.

Related services

Members area

All members in good standing have secure access to the GMMQ’s website. Your members area includes personalized information such as filed contracts and membership files, as well as general information on pension funds, artists’ taxation, minimum standards, job and award offers, and audition notices. You can also pay your membership fee online under the « Payment of annual dues »  tab of the members area. Access codes are provided when you register. Don’t hesitate to contact Member Services for immediate assistance.

Subscribe to the GMMQ’s accounts for real-time news about the Guild and the musical community.

Free membership to the Juripop clinic

As a member of the GMMQ, you can automatically become a member of the Juripop clinic, upon request, at no cost (except for the cost of opening a file, $55). Thus, the first consultation with a lawyer is free of charge (duration 1 hour), and subsequent consultations are at very advantageous rates:

Professional fees resulting from legal services rendered for self-employed workers or very small businesses are priced at $80.00 per hour, plus taxes.

If the GMMQ member requires the firm's services for personal purposes, the fees will be charged at the rate of $60.00 per hour, plus taxes. 

Contact: Juripop, 1-855-JURIPOP (1-855-587-4767), juripop.org, info@juripop.org.

Members discounts

The GMMQ negotiates preferential rates with various suppliers so that its members can enjoy benefits on services such as rehearsal/recording studio rental, accommodation, instruments and accessories, wellness and health care. Discounts are available upon presentation of GMMQ membership card.

Here is our list of discounts 2024

Musical instrument insurance and general insurance

Musicians can have a hard time getting their musical instruments insured. For several years now, Centre d'assurances Meilleur offers complete insurance covering for equipment and musical instruments to GMMQ members at a very reasonable cost. For more information, check the list of discounts, available on « Benefits » page, « Membership » tab on our website, and in the member access.

Inform musicians

Website www.gmmq.com

The GMMQ website is regularly updated. It provides useful information related to musicians working conditions.

Social Networks

The GMMQ is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Follow us!


The GMMQ sends out a monthly email newsletter on your professional association’s current events and political news affecting musicians’ economic and social realities. Information on ongoing auditions and training session is also included. Each member is automatically subscribed, but you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the email or by calling us directly.


Entracte is the GMMQ’s digital magazine. Published twice a year, it contains in-depth articles on current events in the world of music, political and fiscal news affecting musicians’ economic and social realities, GMMQ activities, and includes a member spotlight in each issue. A paper copy is available upon request. You can consult it here.


Free subscription to International Musician

The official journal of the AFM, International Musician, is distributed free to all members of the GMMQ. This monthly publication covers topics of interest to the professional musician in various fields, including labor relations, music training resources, music products marketing, career management, job offers and musical instruments for‐sale ads. In addition, International Musician is available online exclusively to members of local sections of the AFM.

Supporting musicians

Music Promotion Fund

Created by the GMMQ in 1988, the Music Promotion Fund awards grants to support and encourage initiatives that contribute to the artistic development of Quebec musicians. The annual allocation may be divided among several projects as chosen by the Board of Trustees. The deadline for submitting applications is September 10 of the current year. For more information, go to « Music Promotion Fund » page, « Funds » tab.

Jean‐Carignan Fund

Created by the GMMQ in 2011, the Jean‐Carignan Fund aims to provide timely assistance to professional musicians facing financial and social difficulties. You can make a donation or a demand to the Jean‐Carignan Fund anytime. For more information, go to « Jean‐Carignan Fund » page, « Funds » tab.







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