Submission of application


A member may not submit his/her own candidacy.  It must be submitted by another member.


  • Must be at least 65 years old 
  • Must have at least 35 consecutive years of affiliation with the AMF (American Federation of Musicians)
  • Must have had a major impact during his/her career as a musician that members are clearly proud of  OR must have been an active member who deserves such an honour because of services rendered to the Guild and its membership in the context of important union responsibilities.

Benefits granted

The honorary member will be exempt from paying his/her annual dues, but will retain all the rights and benefits of a regular member in good standing.

Candidate’s nomination file

The candidate’s nomination file must include the following elements:

  • At least one detailed letter of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s contribution to the music community on the basis of at least one of the following criteria:
  • the impact of his/her career and oeuvre


  • services rendered to the GMMQ and its membership
  • a detailed curriculum vitae including the candidate’s mailing address, telephone number and, if applicable, email address;
  • a complete list of the candidate’s accomplishments;
  • press clippings.

The file may include no more than five letters of recommendation.


Candidates will be evaluated by a Committee which nominates only one honorary member each year.

Submission of application file

The file must be sent before September 1 to:


Honorary Members Committee

Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ)

505 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, suite 900

Montréal, QC  H2Z 1Y7