Conditions and Rates

Want to join the GMMQ?
Here are the eligibility criteria for our four member categories:


  • Be under 25 years old and enrolled in a study program at a reputed post-secondary educational institution.
  • fill the form Proof of enrollment (Academic attendance) and send it to us by email to or by mail to our Montreal Office : 505 René-Lévesque blvd West, suite 900, Montréal (QC) H2Z 1Y7.

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
• Be a professional musician within the meaning of the Act respecting the professional status and conditions of engagement of performing, recording, and film artists – i.e. offering their services as a musician for a fee.

It's also possible to register as a band. Band members will get a discount on the initiation fees. For more information, please contact the Member Services at 514 842-2866 (1 800 363-6688)

A musician can become a permit-holding member of the GMMQ, i.e. get a temporary work permit to practice.
• A permit-holding member can become a regular member at any time.
• At that point, accumulated permits are credited toward membership dues.
• Permit accumulation is cancelled after a two-year break.
For more information about permits, please contact Member Services:

Montreal Area

Member Services

Tel. : 514 842-2866, ext. 245

Toll-free : 1 800 363-6688

Fax : 514 842-0917



Regular Initiation fee: $195/person [$65 is returned to the AFM as initiation fees to the Federation (IFF)]
Annual dues: $215/person | If joining after June 30: $107.50
Student Initiation Fee: Free
Annual dues: $215/person | If joining after June 30: $107.50
Band Initiation Fee: $50/person
Annual dues: $215/person | If joining after June 30: $107.50

The permit fee is calculated according to the GMMQ's minimum standards or the applicable agreement.

All fees are tax deductible.



•    Credit card, debit, check, or cash
•    Pre-authorized debit (PAD) [Download the PAD form, complete it, and return it along with a voided check]
Read the policy for the payment by PAD
•    Internet services (AccèsD) and at a Caisse Desjardins counter.