The International Federation of Musicans Presidium meets the GMMQ in Montreal

On October 4, the board of the GMMQ was pleased to welcome in its Montreal office the Presidium of the International Federation of Musicians (FIM), as part of its visit to Canada during which the FIM also met with representatives of the Musician's Rights Organization Canada (MROC) and the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM).  

During this meeting, participants discussed common issues and shared their views on the problems faced by musicians around the world. The GMMQ, as the sole Francophone association of musicians in North America, wants to strengthen its relation with the FIM.

From left to right: Benoît Machuel (France), FIM General Secretary; John Smith (Angleterre), FIM President; Anders Laursen (Danemark), FIM Vice-President; Déborah Cheyne Prates (Brésil), FIM Vice-President; Jacques Bourget, GMMQ Vice-President Quebec; Eric Lefebvre, GMMQ Secretary-Treasurer; Luc Fortin, GMMQ President; Mylène Cyr, GMMQ Executive Director; Geneviève Plante, GMMQ Vice-President Montreal; Beat Santschi (suisse), FIM Vice-President