Fill stage GMMQ contracts online for free until December 31, 2013

Have you noticed the new "Online contracts OMC" section on the GMMQ website?

Producers have now access to a new fully automated online contract system capable of generating fully compliant GMMQ "Normes minimales" stage contracts. After some ajustments made to the service, we are pleased to announce that you can try this system for free until December 31, 2013.

The OMC service is free until December 31, 2013. Fill your GMMQ contracts online now! 

Developed and managed by One Minute Contracts (OMC), the user friendly system allows producers to fulfill contract requirements in minutes, no matter how complex. Whether the contract is for a single musician or hundreds of musicians, a single concert or a tour, the point-and-click interface offers fully automated, interactive and secure online creation of contracts

Calculations and information are done in minutes, perfectly and instantly every time, saving producers countless hours of time and money. They will never again have to look up scales or make phone calls to verify musician's data; the work has been all done for them! Once the contract is completed, producers just need to print it out and mail it to the GMMQ as usual along with work dues and pension checks in the amounts figured by the system. Telephone and email support is also available 24/7.

Please note that this service is directed for now at producers who use the GMMQ Minimum Working conditions.

To access this new tool, visit the GMMQ website and click on "Online contracts OMC" button.