Notice of convocation - General Assembly

To all GMMQ members in good-standing

Please note that a general assembly of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec will take place on 


in Montréal
Gesù - Centre de créativité, Auteuil Hall
(1200 Bleury Street, Montréal)

Agenda :
1. Call to order and verification of quorum
2. Election of a chairperson
3. Reading and adoption of the agenda
4. Adoption of the minutes of the General Assembly of November 27, 2012
5. Reading and adoption of the audited financial statement of fiscal year 2012
6. Nomination of Accountants Auditors of the GMMQ for 2013 
7. Director's report
8. Rapport of the GMMQ requests to the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)
9. Election of an alternate delegate to the Congress of the AFM 
10. Varia
11. Adjournment

This assembly is held in accordance with Article 53 of the GMMQ bylaws, following the adjournment of the General Meeting set on April 30, 2013, as the quorum was not reached at that time.
This notice is sent to members either electronically (for those who has an email address) or by post (to members who don't have an email address)