March 26, 2018

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La Guilde souhaite transmettre ses plus sincères condoléances à la famille et aux proches de M. André Bourbeau, décédé le 25 mars des suites d'un cancer. Le monde musical et lyrique canadien perd ainsi un grand bienfaiteur. Président et co-fondateur du Concours musical international de Montréal (CMIM) avec son ami et complice de longue date, la basse Joseph Rouleau (photo), l’apport exceptionnel et l’engagement indéfectible d’André Bourbeau pour la musique classique auront permis de faire rayonner de grands et jeunes artistes d'ici. Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait. 




March 23, 2018

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« Aujourd'hui, nous franchissons un pas important dans la lutte engagée contre les agressions sexuelles et le harcèlement. (...) L'aide financière annoncée contribuera à assurer des milieux de travail sains et à soutenir les victimes, notamment en facilitant la dénonciation pour les artistes, les travailleuses et les travailleurs culturels. Je salue cette prise de parole courageuse des victimes et félicite le milieu culturel pour son importante mobilisation à la suite des dénonciations de l'automne dernier. »

Marie Montpetit, ministre de la Culture et des Communications et ministre responsable de la Protection et de la Promotion de la langue française qui annonce aujourd'hui une aide financière de 900 000 $ pour contrer les & le , dont 360 000 $ ira pour mise en place d'un et 540 000 $ pour de la formation et sensibilisation.

Lire le communiqué :



March 23, 2018

Copyrights | Open letter from the Coalition pour la culture et les média (Coalition of organizations, experts and citizens), which includes the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec | Let's remember that the Cultural and Media Sectors supports more than 650 000 persons in Canada as well as generating close to 3% from GDB.

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Read the Devoir's article HERE

To learn more about the Manifeste pour la culture, click HERE



March 22, 2018 


Job vacancy at the GMMQ

Oyez! Oyez! If contract management and collective agreements is something you live for and your wish to get involved and ensure compliance for Québec Musician's artistic and socioeconomic interests, we have the ideal job for you! 

The GMMQ is looking for a Labor Relations Officer for its Montreal Head office bureau (full time job).

Send us your resume and a letter of motivation before April 11, 2018, through the Grenier aux emplois form.



Monday, March 18, 2018

Reminder | Payment of the annual dues balance

In order to extend your membership to December 31st, 2018, and therefore continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges granted to members in good standing, the GMMQ would like to remind its members that the deadline to paying your dues is March 30th, 2018.

For any questions or further information, do not hesitate to contact our Members Service Department:

Manon Robert
514 842-2866, ext. 245

The GMMQ thanks you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

in preperation for the upcoming elections at the GMMQ's board of directors

It is essential that your personal informations are uptodate and accurate in our files, including your email address, to make sure everyone receives all the documentation we'll send regarding the upcoming elections at the GMMQ and ask for your entire collaboration to do so. Best regards.



"CATSA knows that instruments can be rare and fragile, and wants to work with you to make sure you, and your instrument, arrive safely at your destination. Here’s what you need to know, and the steps you can take, to make the security-screening process harmonious."

Please get hold of the CATSA fact sheet "Tuning up for airport security" for traveling musicians. 


Dear all, here's an important message from the OSM administration addressed to all musicians, contract workers and administration members who have worked at the OSM in the past
To: All former musicians and contract workers of the OSM
From: OSM management
Date: January 31, 2018
Subject: Inquiry into sexual harassment in the OSM workplace

Ladies and gentlemen,

This past December 23, the Executive Committee of the OSM, in an emergency session, decided to launch an independent inquiry bearing on sexual harassment in the workplace. The mandate of the external investigator is to establish the facts, to provide support for the victim-complainants and to convey to the Executive Committee the appropriate recommendations.

This inquiry does not concern only the current personnel of the OSM but additionally all those who have worked here before, be they musicians, contract workers or members of the administrative staff. In that perspective, and in agreement with the Musicians Committee, the OSM has entrusted to Ms. Louisiane Gauthier, a psychologist with enormous experience in the field, the mandate of acting as a resource person at the disposal of people seeking to lodge a complaint of sexual harassment, in the framework of their activities at the OSM, on the part of an executive, an employee or someone contractually associated with the Orchestra.

People concerned are invited to contact Ms. Gauthier in complete confidentiality at the following address: She will then, with due respect to the confidentiality of the process, be in touch with the investigator in order to inform him or her of receipt of the complaint. It is she who will make the connection between the investigator and the complainant to find suitable dates, times and places for meetings, in which she will not participate.

Ms. Gauthier will at no time be able to inquire about the facts or the identity of the witness or witnesses concerned. Her role also excludes any possibility of issuing any opinion whatsoever as to the validity of the complaint or lack thereof. She will act exclusively as administrative intermediary between the complainant and the external investigator.

The investigation process established aims at ensuring the seriousness and the airtightness of the undertaking, notably the confidentiality of testimony, if that is what the people concerned wish. More than ever, the OSM recognizes its obligation to maintain a work climate free of harassment and to ensure a healthy and stimulating environment.

Very sincerely,
Madeleine Careau
Chief Executive Officer of the OSM

1600, rue Saint-Urbain Montréal (Québec) H2X 0S1 T 514 840-7400 F 514 842-0728 



The Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec is proud to announce the names of the three recipients, among those who had enterely paid their 2018 annual subscription before December 21st, which will be reimboursed!

The draw took place under the watchful eyes of Luc Fortin, president, Éric Lefebvre, secretary-treasurer, Bernard Leblanc, AFM and Mario Lacoursière, financial director.

And the winners are:

#01189 Jean-Paul Brosseau

#03475 Thomas M. Davidson

#09695 Andrew Maruzzella



 Le - Libre de penser

8 janvier 2018 | Marie-Lise Rousseau | Actualités culturelles

Sexual harassment: Ottawa and the CCA revise their financing policy

The Federal Institutions want to make sure that the cultural world promote an respectfull work environnement.

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Jointly with several artists and producers' associations as well as groupings from the cultural field, the Guilde is proud signatory of the DECLARATION FOR A HARASSMENT-FREE ENVIRONMENT

"On the occasion of this forum on sexual harassment organized by the government, we wish to publicly declare our commitment (towards setting up mechanisms that will allow everyone to create and work in all safety). We are convinced that many other organizations will sign and promote this declaration as more than ever before, it is time for vigilance, respect for individuals and time to set up concreate measures to ensure their safety." 

Press release here

To take part in the discussion on social medias: #zerotolerance 




The GMMQ annual magazine was released on November the 3rd and will be diffused across the Quebec.

This year the magazine will cover the topic of the digital and the copyrights

Read the Entracte


This morning, the GMMQ meets with 7 other associations representing producers, artists and artisans, from the arts community, as well as the Minister of Culture, to talk about the situation of the misconduct and harassment denunciations that took place these last weeks. 

Read the press release