Notice of convocation - General Annual Assembly

The Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ) invites its members in good standing on Thursday, April 23, 2015 :

Place : 
Centre Saint-Pierre, salle Marcellin-Champagnat (n°304), 1212, rue Panet, Montréal
par audioconférence au bureau de la GMMQ à Québec, 580, Grande Allée Est, bureau 10, Québec

- 2 PM :
NOMINATION MEETING -Of candidates seeking election as officers or administrators of the Guild for the period 2015-2018

Agenda of the nomination meeting :


1. Openig of the meeting
2. Election of a chairperson
3. Ratification of the Board of Directors' decision appointing the professionnal accounting film to supervise the elections
4. Nomination period
    a.Position of President (1 position)
    b.Position of Vice-President (Québec city) (1 position)
    c.Position of Vie-President (Montreal) (1 position)
    d.Position of Secretary-Treasurer (1 position)
    e.Positions of administrators without official title (9 positions, including 2 positions reserved for members of the Québec City region)
10. Adjournment

- 3 PM :

Agenda of the Annual General Assembly :

1. Opening of the meeting and confirmation of the quorum
2. Appointment of an assembly chairperson
3. Reading and adoption of the agenda
4. Adoption of the minutes of the December 17, 2014 General Assembly
5. Presentation and adoption of the financial statements for the year 2014
6. Appointment of auditors for the year 2015
7. Report by the directors
8. Miscellaneous business
9. Adjournment

Members of the Quebec city region who wish to participate in the assembly by audioconference must contact Ms Johanne Truchon at 418 523-0767 or 1 888 237-1722 by December 12, 2014.

Eric Lefebvre
Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec