Negotiations with ADISQ: the Union des artistes and the Québec Musicians’ Guild are determined to be heard

Montréal, February 23, 2009 – The Union des artistes (UDA) and the Québec Musicians’ Guild (GMMQ) have laid out six core principles in their negotiations with ADISQ. At a joint press conference, members of both organizations agreed that “without recognition of these six basic principles, there will be no agreement”.

The existing agreements between ADISQ and the members of the UDA and the GMMQ are set to expire and must therefore be renegotiated immediately. Several weeks ago, both artists’ organizations submitted their requests to the producer’s association with the intention of having their members’ rights duly recognized.

Although bound by different collective agreements, UDA members and musicians in Québec are often called on to share the stage, and as a result their best interests are shared on many important issues. Consequently, the UDA and the GMMQ regularly cooperate in addressing these issues. In an effort to harmonize the content of their collective agreements, and to facilitate their eventual application, the GMMQ and the UDA have decided to coordinate their negotiations with ADISQ.

The six core principles that the UDA and the GMMQ wish to be recognized by ADISQ can be expressed using the acronym ACCORD:

  •  Augment members’ incomes
  • Clarify producers’ responsibilities
  • Cease payment delays
  • Obtain full payment for rehearsals
  • Recognize all of artists’ duties
  • Determine conditions for the exploitation of artistic works in new media

“We have decided to act in unison so that our voices will be heard. It’s about being determined and taking that first concerted step towards the appropriate recognition of our members’ rights,” says UDA president Raymond Legault.

“Regarding the negotiations, we wish to send a clear message to ADISQ: we have outlined certain principles from which we cannot deviate, and which require their full recognition. We hope that negotiations proceed quickly, and we will take all necessary measures to ensure they respect all parties”, adds GMMQ president Luc Fortin.

The UDA and the GMMQ intend to do everything in their power to make sure the ACCORD principles are included in future agreements with ADISQ. Over the coming weeks, both organizations will keep their members informed about the ongoing negotiations. Information and updates will be posted on, a website designed specifically to keep union members up to date during the collective bargaining process.

Together, the UDA and the GMMQ represent all professional musicians in Québec, and they are dedicated to improving artists’ often precarious working conditions. To this end they have decided to work together for the renewal and improvement of their collective agreements.


Marie-France Garon
Québec Musicians’ Guild
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