List of the Honorary members

 The GMMQ congratulates warmly the honorary members :

Marc Bélanger - 2010
Léon Bernier (2011)
Boris Brott 
- 2010
Buddy Hampton (Pierre Tétreault) - 2010
Janine Lachance - 2010
Pierre D. Lévesque - 2010
Paul Lafortune - 2010

Picture taken during the General Assembly on January 19, 2012. Left to right : Louisette Vanier Bernier, Luc Fortin, President of the GMMQ and Guillaume Bernier. 

Picture taken at the concert of the McGill Chamber Orchestra
at the salle Bourgie on october 24, 2011.
Boris Brott and Luc Fortin, president of the GMMQ

Picture taken at the General Assembly on March 24, 2011
From left to right: Buddy Hampton, Luc Fortin, president of the GMMQ,
Pierre D. Lévesque et Paul Lafortune