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Honorary Member of the Guild: A well-deserved tribute

Each year the GMMQ recognizes the distinguished career of one of its members by conferring upon him the status of Honorary Member. This honour may also be conferred upon a person who has rendered exceptional service to the GMMQ and its members by taking on important union responsibilities.

In addition to receiving this official recognition from the Guild, the honorary member no longer has to pay annual dues and continues to enjoy the rights and benefits of a regular member in good standing. Under our new policy there will be one nomination per year and potential candidates will be evaluated by a nominating committee independent of the Board of Directors.

How to obtain this honorary status?

To be eligible for the status of honorary member a candidate must be at least 65 years old and must have been affiliated with the American Federation of Musicians (AMF) for at least 35 years. If you want to propose a member’s candidacy, simply follow the procedure indicated on this following page ( and send the completed application form to the GMMQ before September 1.

A nominating committee evaluates candidates application and nominate one honorary member each year.  

Honorary members

Honorary Member Policy