AFM Canada announces name change

[Extract from the press release by AFM Canada - Montreal November 3, 2010]

Leading Professional Musician’s Association to Operate as Canadian Federation of Musicians
AFM Canada announces the change of its corporate name to Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM).  While CFM remains a constituent body of Canadian Locals of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, the new operating name offers a more precise recognition of the organization’s distinctly Canadian mandate which assists musicians in maintaining professional standards across the board.
“This re-branding is simply a natural next step in our commitment to best represent the individual needs of our Canadian membership,” explains Bill Skolnik, AFM Vice President from Canada & CFM Chief Executive Officer.  “All services and resources continue to be offered in both official languages and are created in keeping with the laws and professional environment that our membership operates within.”
CFM is committed to raising industry standards and placing the professional musician in the foreground of the Canadian cultural landscape. As a complementary, yet distinctly Canadian division of the American Federation of Musicians, United States and Canada, CFM is an international association that diligently works to protect ownership of recorded music; negotiates fair agreements and procures benefits, such as health care and pension, for its membership; and actively lobbies legislators on copyright reform and other matters of interest to all performing and recording musicians both at home and abroad.  

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