GoPro Tunes Now Collecting AFM Member Recordings

The AFM's new online music store, GoPro Tunes ( <> ), is now collecting recordings - singles, EPs, or full albums - from AFM members. When we gather enough music to have a diverse catalog, we will announce GoPro Tunes to the public, selling digital audio files (e.g. MP3s), similar to Apple's iTunes or Amazon MP3.
Sending music to GoPro Tunes is quick and easy. With a simple online interface, your members can upload their music, cover art, and a copy of their AFM recording agreement, usually with everything approved and ready-to-go within one business day. Best yet, Federation staff are available for assistance every step of the way.

More Details
    •    100% of net sales revenues go back to the musician.
    •    There are no fees for musicians to list their music.
    •    Musicians can set their own prices for tracks and albums.
    •    Only AFM members can sell their music on GoPro Tunes.
    •    Customers can purchase music in MP3 or lossless FLAC format.

For more info, please visit: