Agreement between the GMMQ and the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)

« A historic agreement !» - Luc Fortin, GMMQ president 
Montreal, March 15th 2016. – After years of claims  followed by a referendum in June 2014 in which musicians from Quebec pronounced themselves in favour of a disaffiliation from the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ) has reached a tentative agreement with the AFM, therefore recognizing  the special status of Quebec and its musicians, for the benefit of all.
This agreement, of a minimum duration of four years, will allow the GMMQ to receive an annual funding that will reduce its affiliation costs by almost half, without any reduction in services.
Moreover, the AFM is now committed to ensure that GMMQ members have access in French to all documents about them, including its status and rules and its website.
“This is a historic agreement! Not only do we acknowledge Quebec's specificity, but the agreement can only be beneficial to our members, who get to keep all the association’s benefits at much lower cost. This new financial leeway will allow us to better match our members’ needs to our own reality. We are very pleased about the outcome which renew our partnership of solidarity with our Canadian and American colleagues” said Mr. Luc Fortin, GMMQ President.
Over the following weeks, the tentative agreement will be subject to members’ consultation in anticipation of its official adoption at the GMMQ General Meeting, held on March 31st. For its part, the AFM Executive Committee will formally adopt the text during its next meeting, planned on March 26th. This process will result in the final conclusion of these negotiations, in which many players have been involved.
« Through this difficult chapter of our common history we have gained a greater understanding of the needs and expectations of each party and of the differences between our respective realities. We therefore would like to salute our American colleagues and their President, M. Ray Hair, for their openness in reaching a win-win solution ».
« This page is now turned! », jointly declared Mr. Alan Willaert, Vice President from Canada, AFM and Mr. Fortin, GMMQ President.

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