The GMMQ at the 2015 Canadian Conference of Musicians

On August 7 to 9, GMMQ President, Luc Fortin, and CEO, Mylène Cyr, attended the 2015 Canadian Conference of Musicians in Windsor, Ontario. This annual event gathers all Canadian locals representatives of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)/Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM).  
On this occasion, Luc Fortin and Mylène Cyr made a presentation to their Canadian colleagues summarizing the developments of the recent situation that led to the 2014 referendum om disaffiliation with AFM. AFM executives such as President Ray Hair, Officer Tino Galiardi and Secretary-Treasurer Sam Folio attended this presentation.
GMMQ representatives also made their presentation to the Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians' delegates (OMOSC/OCSM) which held its annual meeting in Windsor.  
We remind you that the GMMQ is waiting for a declaratory judgment in Quebec Superior Court. This procedure will enable a judge to establish, within a reasonable time and at reasonable cost, the rules to be followed for disaffiliation : rules that both the AFM and the GMMQ will have to adhere to and comply with. The Guild and the AFM have agreed that while awaiting this judgment their affiliation relationship shall be maintained and therefore both parties will continue to provide existing services to members of the GMMQ.
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Photo 1, from left to right : 
Ray Dillard (President of the Toronto Musicians' Association), Mylène Cyr (GMMQ CEO), Luc Fortin (GMMQ President), Mike Brown and Mark Ferris (Vancouver Musicians' Association representatives).
Photo 2 :
GMMQ President Luc Fortin making his presentation during the Canadian Conference of Musicians