Time delay for P2 processing / Vermont Service Center

The Vermont Service Center informed the Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) that they are approximately 26 days behind in processing petitions, which would technically mean that office is processing petitions received April 30th and earlier.  However, on the bright side, our files currently being approved were filed later than April 30th; our pending files were submitted in and around mid-May and later.  (…)

What this 26 day processing time delay specifically means to P2’s is that CFM will need at least the full 45 calendar days otherwise CFM will need to recommend premium processing [being an additional $1,225 USD], unless the musicians or their representatives have a US senator or congressional office secured in advance, and on standby for when the file is issued a receipt number enabling them to act upon the petition.  

It is still USCIS policy that all artist/entertainer petitions should be processed within 14-days of receipt by the service centers, but there is nothing legally binding the centers to adhere to their own policy.  (…)

Any members inquiring about P2’s with your offices are aware of the present filing times/backlog – and further, that IF CFM should agree to process a petition which does not allow 45 calendar days to process, they will be filing at their own risk, again, unless they have a senator/congressional aid secured.