Why a referendum?

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Why a referendum?


The GMMQ at a crossroads

In November the International Executive Board (IEB) of the American Federation of Musicians (AMF) rejected our resolution no. 21 proposing that the GMMQ (local 406 of the AMF) be granted the status of an independent affiliated union. We were of course very disappointed with this result, but remain convinced that this solution would be the most sensible and feasible option for both parties. Unfortunately, apart from this outright rejection, the AMF has not proposed any viable alternative. We were hoping at least to receive a more equitable offer of partnership that would give us the necessary autonomy to carry out our duties and obligations under the Status of the Artist Act and the Charter of the French Language.

Over the last five years the AFM has been totally unresponsive to the GMMQ`s demands. In light of this, our Board of Directors unanimously resolved to demand a proposal in writing from the AMF before the end of November 2013. Here we are in December and we have still not received any response or concrete proposal from the AMF`s head office in New York that would provide either greater autonomy for the GMMQ or a reduction in our cost of affiliation to give us more room to manoeuver.

This non-result has placed the GMMQ in a difficult position with regard to our 2014 budget forecasts. We are faced with absorbing an increase in dues imposed by the AFM, to the tune of $10.00 per member, without any improvement of services offered to members in return. The cost of our affiliation with the AFM is now more than $300,000 per year. This situation is making it more and more difficult for the GMMQ to maintain, never mind improve, its services to members. The aim of the Guild is to protect and improve the socio-economic conditions of its members, and we are simply asking the AFM to give us the means to fulfill our mandate satisfactorily and carry out our duties with respect to the law, which recognizes the Guild as the exclusive negotiating agent for all musicians in Québec.

One thing is certain: the GMMQ is at a crossroads and the status quo is no longer an option. We now have all the necessary resources and expertise to make a clear choice between autonomy and continued affiliation with the AFM, should they ever offer us a feasible model to make this possible. This will be the most important issue for us in the coming year. Rest assured that we shall tackle this problem with a concerted effort, calmly and in a fully democratic manner.

Luc Fortin,
GMMQ President

[Extract from A word from the President, Entracte journal Fall-Winter 2013/2014]


Resolution on referendum proposed and passed by our members

At the general assembly on December 19th, 2013, our members proposed and passed a resolution calling for the GMMQ to hold a referendum on disaffiliation with the AFM before summer 2014.

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