New issue of the Entracte journal

GMMQ members received (or are going to receive in a couple of days) the latest issue of Entracte, the journal of the GMMQ (Fall/Winter 2013-2014), either electronically or printed (by post).

In this issue : 

- Special Feature : the tax situation for musicians
- Marie Josée Simard : ouvrir la voie
- Les musiciens se mobilisent

- Le Symphonique, coopérative de musiciens
and much more!

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In the Entracte Fall/Winter 2013-2014 issue, it is mentioned in page 15 that a complaint was registered toward Les Productions de l'Onde in Octobre 2013. Please note that the complaint has been suspended indefinitely. Les Productions de l'Onde were indeed victims of a fraud, as well as the Regroupement indépendant de musique émergeante (RIME), and current managers are collaborating with the GMMQ to resolve the situation. 

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