Video of the AFM Convention in July 2013

As you know, three GMMQ delegates attended the AFM Convention in Las Vegas from July 22 to 25, 2013 : Luc Fortin, President, Jacques Bourget, Vice-President Québec and Mylène Cyr, Executive Director. The AFM Convention is a triennial event that brought together this year 161 locals from United-States and Canada. On this occasion, delegates are to elect officers and to vote on the proposed resolutions to modify the Federation bylaws.  

The position of the Convention on our resolution n°21

The submitted resolutions are at first studied by comittees. During the convention, committee officers then present to the delegates a favorable or unfavorable report on each submitted resolution. This report usually influences the opinion of delegates who then have to vote for an adoption or rejection of a resolution. 

GMMQ delegates met the Law & Finance Committee and answer their questions. On July 24, the committee expressed an unfavorable report on our resolution. However he admitted our exceptional, even unique, situation within the AFM and stated that we needed a helping hand from the Federation.  The Committee chaired by M. Eddy Bayens has therefore suggested to the 253 delegates to refer the resolution n°21 to the International Executive Board (IEB) of the AFM and to mandate the IEB to promptly find a solution that would allow us to remain in the Federation while having the resources to fullfill our obligations under the law of the status of the artist. The delegates supported this recommandation by voting unanimously to refer the resolution to the IEB, following the intervention of GMMQ President Luc Fortin. It is important to note that some delegates from United States and Canada also expressed their support to the GMMQ. They pointed out the importance of our local within the AFM and requested the IEB and GMMQ to find a prompt solution.

The AFM posted videos of the Convention. We invite you to watch the video below. The report of the committee, delegate's interventions and the vote on resolution n°21 start at 00:08:12 and end at 00 :23 :26 of the video.

Video streaming by Ustream