2013 Grants

The 2013-2014 grants of the Music Promotion Fund of the GMMQ were awarded to the projects of Ensemble Paramirabo and Appassionata chamber orchestra. The objective of this fund is to support and encourage initiatives that contribute to the artistic development of Quebec musicians. The GMMQ congratulates the recipients of the Music Promotion Fund grants.

Photo: Geneviève Plante, Roberto Murray, Françoise Henri, Jeffrey Stonehouse, Nicolas Cousineau, Luc Fortin and Mylène Cyr (not present on photo : Jean Sabourin)

Ensemble Paramirabo

Ensemble Paramirabo is a group of five versatile, innovative and independant musicians who strive to bring new life to the performance of art music. This group is comprised of: Jeffrey Stonehouse, flute; François Gagné, clarinet; Geneviève Liboiron, violin; Viviana Gosselin, cello and Gabrielle Gingras, piano. Ensemble Paramirabo presents creative programming that embraces collaborations with other artists and stretches the boundaries of the traditional concert experience. The $750 grant offered by the Music Promotion Fund will contribute to the realization of the show THE CRAZIES! that will end the Ensemble Paramirabo 2013-2014's season.
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Orchestre de chambre Appassionata

Appassionata is a chamber orchestra conducted with passion for 12 years by its founder Daniel Myssyk. Composed of 20 musicians, the orchestra presents every year about fifteen high quality concerts in Québec and more recently in the United States. A specialist of the classical period, Appassionata is driven by the desire to bring music to the greatest number, while offering a fresh concert experience. Aware of the artistic and social role that can be played by an orchestra in its community, Appassionata supports the creation of Canadian compositions and the emergence of new talent through original artistic associations.  In addition, it produces each year a large youth series which is addressed to elementary students in disadvantaged areas. The $1 000 grant offered by the Music Promotion Fund will contribute to the realization of 36 workshops Pierre, le Loup et Moi! adressed to 1 600 students in disadvantaged areas.
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