Timely aid for musicians in need

The Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec (GMMQ) is establishing a new fund to support musicians in need. Called the Fonds Jean-Carignan in honour of Jean Carignan, a celebrated violinist who died on February 16, 1988, the Funds will provide timely aid for musicians who are experiencing financial and social difficulties.

A remarkably talented musician whether playing folk or classical music, “Ti-Jean Carignan” grew increasingly deaf from years of labouring in a factory. Forced to “earn a living” by working in “the shop with machines and pile-drivers”, in his words, he eventually had to abandon music altogether. With this new fund, the GMMQ will be giving professional musicians the chance to continue their careers by supporting them during difficult times.

François Dompierre, recognised composer and animator on Espace musique at Radio-Canada will be the official spokesperson of the fund. 

The Board of Fonds Jean-Carignan is composed of :

  • Luc Fortin, President (GMMQ President and Guitarist)
  • Eric Lefebvre, Secretary-Treasurer (GMMQ Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Nicolas Cousineau, administrator (GMMQ administrator and cellist)
  • Claude Demers, administrator (CPA, CGA, Executive Director, Desjardins Entreprises)
  • Jean-Luc Gagnon, administrator (GMMQ administrator and OSM Trumpeter)


Since its launch in December 2011, the Jean-Carignan Fund had to raise enough money in order to be able to subsequently provide financial assistance requested by musicians in need. Whether by GMMQ voluntary contributions or donations collected during fund raising activities, your support is important. Thank you for your generosity.

The Jean-Carignan Fund is now able to provide financial aid to professional musicians in need.


Who's eligible?

A professional musician who maintained a significant musical activity and who is struggling with exceptional precarious financial situation due to health, family or professional problems. This person is a member or a former member of the Guilde des musiciens et musiciennes du Québec.

How to apply?

You can :

- download (PDF format) the application form;
- receive the application form by post upon request to Isabelle Brien, by email at fondsjeancarignan@gmmq.com or by phone 514 842-2866, ext. 229. 

Supporting documents:

  • letter explaining the current precarious situation (required)
  • latest income tax return filed (required)
  • any other relevant document supporting your application (copies of contracts, invoices, etc.)

You have to fill the application form and send it, with supporting documents, by post or email to :

Isabelle Brien
Fonds Jean-Carignan
505, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, bureau 900
Montréal, QC H2Z 1Y7


Note: The confidentiality of the information provided is ensured by the committee of the Fonds Jean-Carignan. The information given will enable the committee to decide on the eligibility of the application for a loan or a gift. Jean-Carignan Fund treats all applications for assistance with the greatest discretion.



- by filling the donation form (in French) 

- online by clicking here (Caisse de la culture)

- by the annual membership renewal notice for the GMMQ members

- by the IN MEMORIAM donation form (in French)


Pour soutenir les musiciens professionnels dans le besoin, vous devez choisir d'offrir votre don au Fonds Jean-Carignan. Un reçu fiscal pourra être émis par la FDA.

Thank you for your support.

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For any information or for a donation, please contact us!

Contact Fonds Jean-Carignan
Isabelle Brien
514 842-2866, ext. 229